Umar Ahmad

Adding Drupal IRC-Bot to # jmilug


One of the main drawbacks of IRC-chat is the absence of logging. This was the main reason why our community JMI-LUG almost stopped using the channel for any discussion, as there was nothing to refer to later. There was a need for a kind of a bot which could save all the logs of the chats we had. Hence, I began my search for any open-source IRC bot to cater our needs. I found many bots which could do the task.

In my research I found a bot which could be integrated with Drupal and can be installed as a simple Module. As a matter of fact it is already used to log all official Drupal Channels (you can find it here). Since, the JMI-LUG website is already on Drupal it was a nice idea to use this one.


Bang, you’re done, have fun with your new bot. The bot can be trained using Botagotchi and adding factoids from the chat.