Umar Ahmad

Migrating to Fedora 20

I’ve been a Fedora Fan-boy ever-since I started using it three years ago and Fedora 17 is the only Linux Based Distro which lasted for more than a year on my laptop. But just as every good thing has to come to an end, my company with Fedora 17 had completed it’s lifetime.

Why did I stick with it ?

To be honest, I was too scared to move on to a different O.S. because of the compatibility issues which my system has with Linux. To name the few:

The problem is that every time I install a new linux distro I have to fight with some new even more puzzling bugs, and that is some tough battle to fight. So once I finally settled myself with Fedora 17, I never dared to move to some other O.S.

Why did I upgrade ?

Well, all things die with time and so did Fedora 17. Updates started depleting and new packages stalled. Considering these points and applaud for Fedora 20 helped me to move.

How ?

Once I decided to move on to Fedora 20 , I went researching about the methods and issues people had while upgrading fedora. Most of it was concerned with efi the new ‘use only Windows’ policy of the hardware vendors…but that wasn’t the case with me. So I moved on. I found many ways to upgrade to f20:

The first two options were rejected instantly because of lack of support. Pre-Upgrade: looked nice, but even a fully-updated system didn’t show any new releases of Fedora in the Pre-Upgrade Window. Since I was left with no choice, I adapted the old-school method of formatting the partition and re-installing everything… Since I was too desperate to try F20 I didn’t think of the consequences and went on with the method.

and when on to format the partition.

The Dumb Review

What’s awesome?

The best thing about Fedora 20 is the new Gnome-Shell 3.10 with much more cleaner interface. The gnome apps are awesome, and lots of bugs have been fixed.

What’s not so awesome

What Sucks?

I could find only one solution to fix all the problems - Degrade to the previous version.

Note: You can fix the backspace feature (Ask Ubuntu)

I’m sure to find some more bugs as I move Along ,and this page will be updated :stuck_out_tongue: